Community and Public Health

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Mission Statement

As future physicians and as members of society, we are obligated to tend to the needs of our communities whether within our own homes, or across the world in developing countries. The Community and Public Health Committee promotes awareness of these issues through discussion and education of issues world wide and close to home and through action toward their solutions.


AMSA's Community and Public Health committee focuses on the different factors that surround a person, and its influences on health. The committee will explore community and environmental impacts on health and subsequent healthcare, as well as investigate further healthcare around the world, especially healthcare in development. The main goals of the committee are to broaden committee member's horizons in these different yet highly interconnected aspects of medicine, and educate and share knowledge the members gain to the rest of the Berkeley AMSA community. Through discussions, readings, hands-on events, and explorations into the community around us, committee members will gain a greater appreciation of the aspects of community and environment, as well as global health, and its very relevant relationship to future physicians.
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