Charities / Causes AMSA Supports:

American Red Cross
Breast Cancer Awareness
Save a Child's Heart Foundation

Mission Statement

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for raising sufficient funds to support all of the organizational and charitable causes of AMSA, which will allow the members to enjoy AMSA programming events, give back to the community and much more.


Why help fundraise? Fundraising profits support both AMSA programs as well as our charitable organizations, like the American Cancer Society. Last year, we raised almost $4,500 from various fundraising events, such as tabling on Sproul, restaurant fundraisers, MCAT Auctions, and more! By joining Fundraising Committee, you will not only gain valuable professional skills in networking and leadership, but also bond closely with your fellow committee mates and have fun at these events.

Contact the Fundraising Committee Chair, Fawwad Khan at